Context of The Narrative history of King James, for the first fourteen years : In four Parts. I. The State of England at his Majesties entrance, and relation it had to other Parts: The Lascivious courses at Court; with the Lord of Northampton's coming to Honour: The division betwixt the Hollander and English, betwixt the Scot and English, betwixt the English and Irish: also the rising of Somerset, his favour and greatnes with the King, his Parentage and Descent, his fall, and the beginning of Buckingham's Greatness. II. The Proceedings toughing the Divorce betwixt the Lady Frances Howard, and Robert Earl of Essex, before the Kings Delegates, George Canterbury, John Bishop of London, Lancelett Bishop of Ely, Richard Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, Dr. Caesar, Thomas Parrey, Dr Donn, John Benett, Fran. James and Thomas Edwards, authorized under the Kings Broad Seal. Also, The Arraignment of Sir Jer. Elvis Lieutenant of the Tower, Sir Thomas Monson Knight, Anne Turner, Rich. Weston and James Franklin, &x. touching the murthering and poysoning of Sir Thomas Overbury, his Majesties Prisoner in the Tower, with all their Examinatons, Arraignments, Evidences, Confessions, Answers and Trials, with their Sentence and Sufferings; with his Majesties Gratious Pardon and Favour to the Countesse. III. A Declaration of his Majesties Revenue with Assignations and Defalcations upon the same, and of all Monies brought into his Majesties Coffers from time to time, since he came to the Crown of England, by what means soever, with the Annual Issues, Gifts, Rewards and extraordinary Disbursments. IV. The Commissions and Warrants for the Burning of two Heretics, both holding part of the same our Ranters do, being old Heretics, newly Revived. Also two Pardons, the one for Theophilus Higgons, the other for Sr Eustace Harte


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